how will we recall each other
when more memories have been collected
and other pictures are bigger
and our hair has grown longer and been
cut short
will i be a warm place for your thoughts to rest or
i mean or not

My grandpa’s house.

35mm film. 2012

Rainy’s room.

35mm film. © Grace Virginia Photography 2014.

Either or easter.

Marian Call. Seth Boyer. Gerygone & Twig.
Pre-show post-sleepover family love photo.

I adopted this bird today, it must either be a goose or a loon, and both of those words are very good to be saying. 
Alex took this portrait of me with my new son.

35mm film.

35mm film. 

Black & white 35mm film.


Look we play real shows in front of real humans now!
Photo courtesy of Sarah Joann Photography.

me and my friends


Solomon goes outside. March 9 2014. Solomon goes outside. March 9 2014.

Solomon goes outside. March 9 2014.



Our band Gerygone & Twig is having our first show here in downtown Missoula this Friday & we need some love!

We moved here recently from Alaska & we’d love to meet you & enjoy coffee, cookies & some great weirdo music with you.
Here’s the event on facebook (rsvp!):