god bless america

brand that i love

one teacup. one houseplant. 
i am without these & without grace. 
i turn lights on to make up for myself. 
they tell me things will be better in the morning,
but really the things are just out to breakfast.
they’ll be back later i’m sure.
they will not bring leftovers.
they are leftovers.
they are rotting cold in an aching refrigerator.
i am rotting with them & without grace
though they say grace to me as if i were 
good or something like that.

may 27 2014

so many gorgeous biways are blooming. there are so many tinglings on the cliffs of my throat that even i can’t understand. sweet men are romancing my evenings, & people come to my house to sing their song & then roam along, like a river, dear treacherous river. i must always say goodbye to the water but the flow remains & i plant myself on the bank & try to grow.
sticks are thrown.
love tries to leave me, or i spit it out. i fear these days are too good & my trials too farfetched & outdated. 
thank you, someone, for understanding once.

we suffer the worst
we try to do right
lovely in the morning & ugly at night.


Anonymous asked:

Do you go/have gone/planning to go to Rocky Mountain School of Photography? If so, what's it like?


Wonderful. Missoula is a really comfortable place to be & learn & the education you get from SI & AI at RMSP is so well-rounded, vast & fast-paced. But like you also get to focus on whatever you really want? It’s such an encouraging environment & since I’ve finished school there I feel confident that I can walk into any situation that requires a camera (even a commercial shoot or like a war zone for documentary purposes) & create strong images & have the right attitude & mindset during the experience as well. I also met some important people & got to talk to so many different types of working, successful photographers which was really helpful & there was a lot of focus on the individual. Small class size, mentoring meetings, etc.
Basically, go to RMSP. Like you should probably do that. It’s better than college.

how will we recall each other
when more memories have been collected
and other pictures are bigger
and our hair has grown longer and been
cut short
will i be a warm place for your thoughts to rest or
i mean or not

My grandpa’s house.

35mm film. 2012

Rainy’s room.

35mm film. © Grace Virginia Photography 2014.

Either or easter.

Marian Call. Seth Boyer. Gerygone & Twig.
Pre-show post-sleepover family love photo.

I adopted this bird today, it must either be a goose or a loon, and both of those words are very good to be saying. 
Alex took this portrait of me with my new son.

35mm film.

35mm film.